European Dry Manicure And Pedicure

This is the latest trends in the nail art!

The European manicure, also known as a dry manicure or an electric file manicure, involves using an electric drill  to file down the cuticles and shape the nails without water.

The name “European manicure” is believed to come about due to the clean, polished nature of manicures done by Eastern European nail technicians.

The process involves a trained nail technician using an electronic file to remove excess skin surrounding the nailbed to achieve a crisp, clean finish.



We sterilize all equipment and use disposable as much as possible.

A cuticle pusher is used to open up the cuticle pocket so the e-file can glide under and remove dead skin.

Once the cuticle is rolled up, the skin is cut with cuticle nippers followed by gel application.

The procedure is very gentle and doesn’t cause damage. 

All tools are sterilized with an autoclave and disposable materials such as nail files only used once on each client.

The results are hygienic, super clean, and allows the technician to apply gel product as close to the cuticle as possible.

European manicures prevent the dry cracking of cuticles, or any hangnail and the technique extends the longevity of your manicure (lasts up to 4 weeks)

The detailed cuticle work means the gel is applied closer to the cuticle, which can give you an extra one to two weeks of wear, before the natural nail regrowth is noticeable.

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