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“We want to inform our prospective students that our facility is approved and accepted by the Ohio Board of Health for teaching Permanent Makeup and Microblading certification courses. Our Training is recognized and accepted by most Ohio Counties. We are well known and accepted in many other states: Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Florida, New York. Our facility is licensed by the Ohio Board of Health, in addition to being inspected and approved by the Geauga and Portage Board of Health.”  


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Full Basic Training  Over 200 hours total!

Learn it all: Ombre/soft powder, combo techniques for eyebrows, eyeliners, and lips and tattoo removal.

Our training is newly designed as THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING AVAILABLE!  You will get about 200 hours of study, 80 hours of which are hands-on experience! For more information, go to the Basic Training tab.

THE COST: $7850 for  4 weeks of training, including online private access to our private teaching platform.

Deposit $1000 Nonrefundable 

Deposit secures your spot in the class.

The remaining balance is due a 2 weeks before Practical part of the class.

Advanced Designer Eyeliners In AIRFILL®️ 

Learn smoky and other designer eyeliner techniques to achieve beautifully flawless eyeliners for your clients. 

This is a Master class for PMU or tattoo artists only.

Learn how to design our beautiful eyeliners and never fail in symmetry and shape. How to save your design and most importantly how to deliver trauma-less eyeliners.

4 days with hands-on practice on 2 live models. 

$3550 ( Covers winged and shaded eyeliners)

NEXT CLASS: please call us 440-214-0374

Machine and essential supplies are included with the Training.

Ombre/Powder AIRFILL®️, Combo brows and introduction to Nanoblading.

Eyebrows Course 2 weeks, including online preparation and in class practice for 3 days. 2 life models per student to practice eyebrows.

Learn how to create beautiful powder and ombre brows. Theory, color theory, problem-solving, client management, marketing, proper infection control, and a lot of hands-on practice

Learn about all techniques out there for eyebrows, Ombre/Soft Powder Eyebrows,  Microshading, Introduction to Hairstrokes, Combo Eyebrows

Students will work on two live models.

This is the best Eyebrows training we put together for you! You will be able to learn everything about brows, how to build anatomical design, choose a proper color, and accomplish the best look!



August 3rd, 2024


Must register by July 27th, 2024

3 Spots available

Must register minimum of 1 week before class starting date.

A starter kit with needles, supplies, and pigments will be included.

Advanced AIRFILL®️ Lips 

Learn how to create gorgeous full and luscious lips for your clients. 

 Theory, Design, Color Theory, Trade Secrets, and Technique!

Latex Practice and instructor demonstration on a model.

Student practice on a models (2 per each student),  neutralization workshop and you will learn how to work with dark lips.



A starter kit with needles, supplies, and pigments will be included.


August 3rd, 2024  STARTING DATE

Must register by July 27th, 2024

4 spots available


Cost: $5575

Please go to the Basic Training page to see our Schedule for Basic Training.

For those seeking an advanced carrier in Permanent Makeup Industry, we strongly recommend taking our detailed Training, there is not ONE aspect of PMU that we do not cover! We really took time designing this training and we want you to be successful!

Our instructors pour information for you and hold no secrets back! So, if you wish to be among the best, learn with the best!

Our exclusive and patented AIRFILL®️ Technique has earned its way up to the recognition of many, and proved by highest standards of satisfaction of our customers, makes us very established upon this statement.

Do you want to learn the secrets to creating outstanding powder and ombré eyebrows, flawless eyeliners, and perfectly luscious lips?

Look no further, we are the school for you!

Our new and extended training is even better than it’s ever been! 


All students must register 2 weeks before training starts.

You must complete Bloodborne Pathogens class with Biologix, directions, and the coupon will be provided as soon as registration is complete. Must bring a certificate from Biologix that you have completed Bloodborne Pathogens Training and passed the test. You will take a test over study materials, so do not leave it for the very last moment, there is a lot to learn! We take pride in teaching this technique and passing all the knowledge and great skills to our students! Our classes are small and focused on a lot of hands on practice!

For more information or to register, please call (440) 214-0374 or send us an email: We hope to see you soon! Permanent Makeup “AIRFILL®️” Training 


Once you register, we will create a unique log in for you for our online private platform. You can go at your own pace, sooner you start before practical part, easier it will be for you in class/ in person). Online is broken down in sections of study. Each section has a homework and you submit it to us for feedback. There are lots of practical exercises to develop proper hand motion skills.

We meet in person every week and work on latex, and life models!

Each student will complete 2 models on each area of study, no sharing with other students (start to finish). We also included a lot of visual demonstrations by your teachers.


Permanent Makeup has been around for over 2,000 years. It’s used as a way to accentuate one’s beauty and make life easier. Though the concept of permanent cosmetics remains mostly unchanged, the styles have changed dramatically. The past trends of permanent makeup are no longer desired by most consumers today. Clients are now in search of a more natural look that appears soft and beautiful. Alla Yesinovskiy, Owner of Allegria Studio, has developed the cutting edge “AIRFILL®️” technique to deliver a more natural-looking permanent makeup to her clients. Now with our new Training we have collaborated with another amzing artist Olga Zabarova, the owner of Empire Beauty.

We offer an innovative training program for Permanent Makeup, where we teach our students the latest and greatest skills unknown to most industry professionals. You will learn the secrets of our trade and master the techniques needed to become the best Permanent Makeup Artist in town. To ensure the success of our students we only accept few students per class, this allows the instructor to give undivided attention and assistance throughout the learning process. Our curriculum is designed to prepare students with the tools and knowledge they need to enjoy a successful and rewarding career. The “AIRFILL®️” technique has been created as a long-lasting, non-traumatic, and painless procedure for our clients. This technique allows us to create eyebrows that look genuine, hold their shape, and last longer than microbladded brows. We are the only studio in Northeast Ohio offering a smokey eyeliner that is done properly, leaving our clients with a natural and elegant look. Our new method of permanent makeup is what sets us apart from other training programs. By mastering these skills you will deliver %100 satisfaction to your clients every time! 

Yes, a facility must be licensed and approved by the Ohio Board of Health in order for an instructor to legally train and certify students. Our training is legal, our facility is licensed by the Ohio Board of Health and by the Geauga and Portage Counties In addition, our business and our school are fully insured.

No, the Permanent Cosmetics/Makeup industry is regulated under the “Tattoo and/or Body Piercing” category for the state of Ohio (this is true for most states, though standards vary from state to state.). The permanent Makeup industry IS NOT regulated or affiliated with the American Association of Cosmetology and you DO NOT need to be a skin care specialist to become a Permanent Makeup ArtistIn accordance with the Ohio Administrative Code  3701-9, in order to provide body art services (permanent makeup), the artist must receive adequate training. We offer an excellent training program to ensure our students proved the best services.

All deposits are non-refundable. If a student withdrawals from class at least 27 days prior to the first day of class, then all monies received by Allegria Studio School of Permanent Makeup by Alla Yesinovskiy R.D.H will be returned to the student, except the non-refundable deposit of $500 or $300 and 5% if a credit card was used to pay the deposit or tuition. If a student withdrawals from class at least 14 days to 26 days prior to the first day of class, a $100 Administrative Fee and the non-refundable $500 or $300 deposit will be retained by Allegria Studio School of Permanent Makeup by Alla Yesinovskiy R.D.H. Plus 5% credit card fees if a credit card was used to pay tuition. If a student withdrawals from class 7 days or less prior to the first day of class, the non-refundable $500 or $300 deposit and 50% of the total tuition will be retained by Allegria Studio School of Permanent Makeup by Alla Yesinovskiy R.D.H. Once the class has begun, if a student withdrawals, Allegria Studio School of Permanent Makeup by Alla Yesinovskiy R.D.H. will retain 100% of fees submitted to Allegria Studio. If the student has been dismissed or removed from class during the training session, the student will be counseled as soon as possible after the termination of class. In any case, the instructor and student may choose to reschedule their class date together and the student may or may not incur a financial penalty, depending upon the individual circumstances. Refunds are processed and issued within 60 days from the date of student withdrawal or dismissal.

Yes, we break down the tuition cost into three payments. The first payment, $100 deposit is due upon course registration. The second payment, half of remaining balance is due four weeks before class starts (when training material is received by the student). The final payment,  is due 2 weeks before class starts.

We are a small private Training and unfortunately cannot accept any financial aid.

All forms of payments are excepted.

No, we do not offer financing or financial Aid

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