Paramedical Tattoo

Paramedical/Medical Tattoo
Services Offered:

Scar Camouflage, Areola Restoration, Skin pigmentation Camouphlage, Vitiligo cover-up, Stretch Marks cover-up, Scar Reduction

Paramedical Micropigmentation (tatt00) is the recommended service to treat  Alopecia, Vitiligo, Scars, Age Spots, Areola/nipples, skin burns, and some stretch marks.

We are Certified for Paramedical Micropigmentation by the International Board of Medicine and Surgery.



Who is the Candidate for Paramedical Tattoo?
  1. If you had breast surgery, and if you have lost areola or parts of it, we specialize in 3D areola (nipples) restoration and scars pigmentation to mask the scars.  We create realistic, artistic nipples, even on completely flat skin.
  2. Scar cover up or reduction, scars have to be at least 8 months old.
  3. Realistic Alopecia hair restoration, beard or mustache pigmentation (for men), realistic eyebrows, or replica of eyelashes.
  4. Vitiligo-skin depigmentation
  5. Hypo-pigmentation, missing color
  6. Cleft Palate scar camouflage.
  7. Some stretch marks cover-up
  8. Burns



What are the contrindications?
  1. Any skin lesions or oozing around the area of concern
  2. If the scar is less than 8 months old
  3. If you are going through Chemo/radiation therapy
  4. Any areas of Port Wine Hemangioma, age spots, migrating pigmentation
  5. If there are other health issues that can prevent the treatment



Scar camouflage can take a few treatments to achieve the desired outcome.  We slowly build up the color in the skin not to oversaturate the area and not to make it look fake.

Areola restoration usually achieved during one treatment, sometimes a touch up is needed to add more density to the color. Touch-ups every 2-3 years might be needed to freshen up the colors.

We use top of the line paramedical pigments to achieve the best outcome.



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Areola: $250

Touch up: $150

Paramedical: $180/hour

Paramedical/Medical Tattoo



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