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“It is our honor and privilege to be able to provide artistic services to all clients of the Studio.  We try to enhance and improve day after day, we continue to grow and learn new techniques and innovations in the industry, we want to do the most natural, lasting and just awesome Permanent Makeup.  Please check the website, Facebook or Instagram for updates, we are bringing some new and absolutely amazing services to Cleveland area!

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Alla Yesinovskiy

RDH, BSDH, Master Micropegmentologist, Makeup Artist, Owner of Allegria Studio and Micro Hair Clinic

Alla is certified in Micropigmentation, Microblading, Scalp Micropigmentation, as well as certified by International Board of Medicine and Surgery for ANY body art modifications.  Alla holds a Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design as well as Bachelor Degree in Dental Hygiene from Ohio State University, College of Dentistry, and is certified in administration of local anesthetics. “I have extensive medical training in head and neck anatomy and physiology. This is a true advantage while performing any kind of permanent cosmetology services.  My anesthesiology certification allows me to understand the chemical and medicinal properties of local anesthetics, which in turn benefits my clients while having their procedures.  I make sure that you are comfortable and relaxed during all types of permanent art application. I take time to listen and to design the look that will fit your face shape and style best. Once you approve the design, we will tattoo it!  Many years working in Dentistry taught me about infection control and sterilization, as well as, universal precautions and blood-borne pathogens.  You are safe from infection while at the Studio.

Time changes how people see themselves. We want to cut prep time in the mornings and always look our best. For that specific cause, old fashioned PMU is no longer fits the purpose. People think Microblading is the only way to do natural looking eyebrows, which is NOT true!  After doing Microblading for hundreds of my clients, I came to realize, that as time goes by, Microbladed brows do “shrink”and that natural look does not last you as long as you want. I have spoken to many other professionals, specialists that provide and teach Microblading, and everyone of them agreed with me. I spent hours traveling all around the Globe, learning from best artists in the world, just to understand what can I do different, so I can bring my clients best services. And I did it! I put together a technique of my own, its called Airfill sm! It is painless, non-traumatic technique that allows me to create stunning looks for my clients! See pictures of my work and you will understand! My eyeliners, brows and lips became #1 Hit! People cant believe that it is a tattoo, when they look at my work! My clients call me a Picasso of Permanent Makeup! I would like to welcome everyone to my studio and I am very excited to provide you with excellent service!

Are you still in doubt what you want to get done and where to go? Then come to a free consultation with Alla, You wont be disappointed!


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