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What is PigmentOff®-Remover? What can it do compared to the laser?

Any method for removing pigments from the skin has its advantages and disadvantages. There is no 100% ideal and global removal technique, each case has to be considered and treated individually.

Removal of Tattoos and Permanent Make Up is a time-consuming process consisting of several treatments and thorough reflections. However, it is quite possible to completely remove the pigments in the skin. With patience, calm and profound knowledge.

The most well-known and popular tattoo removal method is the LASER. However, it does not always get very far, because the laser can not recognize many colors (white, beige, yellow, orange, yellow-green, some reds). In addition, it often reaches its limits when the once easily visible pigments do not have sufficient contrast to the skin after some treatment-sessions. At this stage laser removal will be less effective until unsuccessful.
White or beige colour should not be treated with the laser at all. Under the laser beam, these pigments change color, in dirty green-gray to black tones, which can then no longer be removed. The same applies to all pigments which are mixed on the basis of white or beige colours.
Removing of acrylate-based pigments with laser can be dangerous. These pigments can melt under the laser beam and lead to internal skin burns (and scarring).
Nowadays, the “PIGMENT OFF Remover” makes it possible to effectively and completely remove pigments of all colors and shades, as well as any origin and dispersion. Even the stubborn microblading pigments based on acrylate can be removed with “Pigment Off” very successful.
Please read the article how it works":
Advantages of Pigment Off Removal system:
  • the risk of scarring or fibrosis was reduced to a minimum (<1%)
  • contains no acids – the Pigment-Off-Remover is basic
  • contains no carcinogenic ingredients
  • removes ALL colors, also beige, green and white
  • removes ALL pigment types (iron oxides, acrylics, synthetic pigments, even ink)
  • fast and painless treatment
  • high efficiency, fast visible results
  • no destruction of hair roots
  • no inflammation
  • no hyper- or hypopigmentation risk
  • no loss of suntanning ability
  • notified cosmetic product (for professional use)
  • the tattoo age does not matter
  • work with a device or manual pen possible
  • unique home care products
  • proven “made in Germany” quality!
Correct care after a tattoo- or permanent make-up removal with PigmentOff®-Remover

Please note: 50% of the treatment success depends on the following care instructions. 

Your participation is not only desirable, but absolutely necessary! In case of non-observance, inflammation and scarring may occur, as well as slowed healing.


Special care products that you receive from your PigmentOff master:


Day 1 (directly after the treatment)

  • protect the treated area from dust and dirt;
  • avoid contact with clothing / textile;
  • apply Skin Protective Liquid 1️⃣ to clean cotton pads; carefully dab off any emerging lymph. Do not rub!
  • apply a thin layer of Skin Repair Gel 2️⃣ at bedtime.

Days 2 to 4

  • If needed, carefully clean the treated areas with Skin Protective Liquid 1️⃣ (use clean cotton pads);
  • apply a thin layer of Skin Repair Gel 2️⃣ 2-3 times a day;
  • DO NOT apply other ointments or creams!
  • in case of swelling of the treated skin area (especially in the morning) we recommend to take of decongestants (such as Arnica D12 globules or “Bromelain” tablets).

From day 5

  • apply a this layer of Skin Saver Cream 3️⃣ 2-6 times a day;
  • don’t pick or peel off the scab prematurely, it must peel off for itself; don’t let it get soft because of moisture or excessive sweating. Don’t rub it.
  • If necessary, additionally rub in ScarFree Gel 4️⃣ 2 times a day (as a prophylaxis against scar formation or for the treatment of existing scars).
    Do not apply cover sticks, fluid make-up cosmetics, powders or similar to the treated area until the crust has dropped off. Otherwise, it can lead to massive inflammation.
Further recommendations:
  • Please only use the care products we have received from your PigmentOff master, as they are specially developed for the skin care after the removal treatment.
  • after the removal treatment on the lips it can possibly lead to a herpes outbreak. If you are prone to herpes, appropriate precautionary measures should be taken.
  • please refrain from swimming, bathing, sunbath, solarium, sauna or facials with steam for 14 days after the treatment
  • Do not allow scrubs / dermabrasion / massages / whitening treatments in the area of removal for min. 30 days.
  • redness in the first few days after crusting is normal, don’t be concerned about it.
  • After crusting, the skin under it often shimmers reddish. This redness is a part of the regeneration process and completely normal. The skin takes on its normal color within a few weeks. It is important to continue to use the Skin Saver Cream 3️⃣ and Scar Free Gel 4️⃣ in this phase to optimally support the regeneration of the skin.
  • 4-6 weeks must pass before the next treatment.
Where and how are PigmentOff® products made?

PigmentOff® products are manufactured. The question is very legitimate, because nowadays you have to be extremely careful, especially in our permanent make-up industry.

Unfortunately, we also have enough “conscience-free” people who produce their own pigment mixes, narcotics and removers in domestic kitchens and with dubious substances so that they can quickly bite off the lucrative and growing PMU cake. They usually have a serious appearance, but little to no idea what they are doing at all. Cases of counterfeit product certificates and laboratory tests are also becoming known, and the numerous cases are on the rise.

Illegal pigment mixtures (mostly tattoo ink mixes from bottles of different origins) are smuggled to Europe in suitcases by private travelers, especially from Eastern Europe, and are unofficially offered for sale in numerous WhatsApp and Facebook groups. Now even removers are manufactured from cheap Chinese raw materials and distributed in a similar ways, smuggled into Europe and also be selled. The composition is often unclear.
Analyzes revealed incredible conditions and so it is more than ever necessary to adhere to quality standards and to offer customers the necessary security.

But enough negatives. We at BeautyCase Cosmetics GmbH are not black sheeps and have our products professionally developed, manufactured and tested regularly and carefully!

As standard test laboratory we have chosen one of the best known companies. The BAV Institute in Offenburg has existed for more than 20 years. Around 8,000 product analyzes are carried out here every month in line with the latest technical advances and analysis methods. We entrust these people, whom of course we also got to know personally, to chemical and microbiological testing of our remover and care products, for you and your clients.

Our production facility is located in Germany, which not only makes cooperation much easier, but also our internal controls, since all processes can be adapted and controlled at any time.

PigmentOff® Neutralizer Fluid – neutralizing liquid
PigmentOff ®  Neutralizer , the latest product from our research, is a  liquid with a neutralizing effect specially developed for removal by PigmentOff ® Remover .
This fluid was specially developed for use with the new, improved PigmentOff® Remover 2.0 .
Our goal was the effective removal of pigments in combination with a process that is gentle on the skin and a strikingly faster healing and shorter regeneration phase.

We have achieved this goal for you!

When using the  PigmentOff® Neutralizer  at the end of the removal treatment with  PigmentOff ® Remover 2.0 , the waiting time between treatments is reduced from 6 to 3-4 weeks . The 40% faster treatment success compared to other removers intensifies customer frequency and is therefore indirectly worthwhile for the practitioner. The healing is not only faster for the client but also much more pleasant. The skin regenerates and stabilizes faster than with conventional care products alone.

Because our PigmentOff® Neutralizer with its neutralizing properties  is specifically onlyis tailored to PigmentOff® Remover , it must not be used with other removers.

In the lengthy study phase of the development, it was even dermatologically confirmed that treatment in combination with PigmentOff® Remover and Neutralizer is recommended especially for sensitive skin and skin during and after the menopause.



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