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with laser like results

Before your Treatment: Make sure the skin is clean and free of lotion, fragrance, etc. Do not shave the area for 2 weeks prior. If you have allergies, we do recommend a skin test ($50)   After the Epilfree Treatment: It is very important not to wash or bathe the treated area at all, nor swim, workout, or perspire for the next 6 hours.  Absolutely no post-waxing products, creams, lotions, makeup, deodorants, perfumes, etc. can be used on the area within the first 6 hours after treatment.  If the client does not adhere to these instructions, the effectiveness of the treatment will be reduced. 

Safe to Use

  • Epilfree is certified by the health authorities of the European Union CPNP and registered with Health Canada and FDA in the United States.
  • Epilfree has been tested and approved by Cosmepar laboratory in France and shown to be without known irritations nor side effects.
Dr Yoel Konis PhD, founder of EpilFree is an expert in the field of chemistry and cosmetic science for 32 years. 

Dr Konis was effectively testing natural ingredients for the treatment of healing skin diseases such as cancer. While experimenting with this formulation he found that the hair was not growing back on the treated areas. And so EpilFree came to light!

EpilFree is a post-epilation treatment that is a part of a comprehensive hair removal treatment to inhibit and slow down the regrowth of body hair to achieve up to 90% hair reduction results. Compared to laser hair removal, Epilfree is a revolutionary Professional Hair Removal System that works in conjunction with a regular wax routine. It is applied after a wax to the treated area. It combines the simplicity of use with exceptional results that are equal to laser but without the limitations, excessive costs, is safe and 100% natural. This scientific formulation is based on the combination of 100% natural ingredients and consists of essential liquids extracted from herbs, such as Ladies Mantle and Eucalyptus. Dr. Yoel Konis believes EpilFree is the most revolutionary method of permanent hair reduction since laser. The simplicity of the treatment and extraordinary research and results will change the industry forever. 

Prices below per packages are at discounted rates! This is an introductory offer for this new and amazing service! If you choose to do one Epilfree application only you would pay wax$ plus Epilfree$ If you choose to purchase Epilfree package of 3 or more, waxing is included in the price

  • Eyebrows           $15                                 $50,  Buy 3 for $125 
  • Face                    $35                                 $90,  Buy 3 for $250 
  • Underarm            $20                                 $60,  Buy 3 for $150 
  • Bikini (females only)
  •               $45                                 $70,  Buy 3 for $190 
  • Half legs            $30                                 $70,  Buy 3 for $190
  • Full Legs            $50                                 $99,  Buy 3 for $299
  • Full Back           $50                                 $99,  Buy 3 for $299
  • Arms                  $36                                  $90,  Buy 3 for $250
  • Stomach            $20                                  $60, Buy 3 for $150
  • Chin or sideburns              $15                                   $50, Buy 3 for $125

We offer full-body hard waxing or sugaring.  

Hard wax is stripless wax which is the best for the face, underarms, or bikini.

Sugaring is a great way of hair removal in any area, especially legs, bikini, arms, stomach, or back. Sugaring is a more gentle way of removing hairs, works great on shorter hairs. Hypoallergenic and less discomfort experienced by many during the process.

If you do not know what is best for you, our estheticians will make a recommendation.

Please note: you must stop using any Retinol or Retin-A products a week before the procedure.

  • Eyebrows        $15
  • Lip                    $15
  • Face                 $35
  • Underarm       $20
  • Bikini               $45  (females only)
  • Half legs           $30
  • Full Legs           $50
  • Full Back           $50
  • Full Arms          $36
  • Stomach            $20
  • Chin or sideburns   $15
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