Our Happy Customers:

Do you want your lips to look full and plumped?
Do you want defined shape, make your lips look bigger or smaller?
Or maybe you want to even the tone of your lips?
Then our lips services are the solution for you!
Permanent lip coloring can be used to significantly enhance the appearance of the lips by making them appear fuller and brighter. It is also utilized to correct asymmetry in the lip contour and shape, define the cupids bow and reduce the appearance of scars or fine lines around the lip area. Your lips will look fresh and full, plus you will never have to worry about lipstick smears or reapplying throughout the day.

Natural imperfections, such as poor shape or receded lips can be corrected with permanent makeup. You don’t have to have perfectly molded lips to have permanent makeup. Slight adjustments can be made in design to give you the illusion of younger, fuller lips.

Permanent makeup lips are perfect for those who:

  • Have pale lips but want more color
  • Have thin lips but want fuller looking lips
  • Have irregularly shaped lips but want more symmetry/better shape
After lips permanent makeup, all you need is a little lip gloss!

We also specialize in lips correction for people with cleft palate and pigmentation correction.


1.Q. Does it hurt? A. Absolutely not! I think that more people would have done lip services if they would not be afraid of pain. Most of the time, people tell me that they were shocked how comfortable the procedure was.  We truly mastered the art of topical anesthetics!  In modern world, there are number of local numbing agents that equal to local anesthetic injections, and reduce pain just as well.

2.Q. Is it safe?  A. At Allegria Studio the permanent makeup procedure is done with a single-use disposable needles, top of the line permanent makeup tattoo machine, and cosmetic pigments of the highest quality. We work on the junction of the epidermis (top layer of the skin) and dermis (Central layer of the skin). This ensures there is no trauma to the tissue and no bleeding involved. If an allergic reaction due to sensitive skin, might be an issue, we offer a skin test.

3.Q. Do I have to stop my medications/vitamins? A. ABSOLUTELY NO ONE, EXCEPT YOUR MEDICAL DOCTOR CAN TELL YOU TO STOP TAKING YOUR MEDICATIONS, ESPECIALLY BLOOD THINNERS! If you were asked to stop your medications, even vitamins, you should consult your treating doctor and seek medical advice before procedure! There are should not be any problems with bleeding when technique performed correctly! At Allegria Studio, We treat everyone, with any medical conditions, patients going through chemo, medically compromised, people with blood thinning, etc, and we can do it because our technique is absolutely non traumatic. We also have medical background and are prepared for any case scenario. Our staff is well trained and CPR certified

4. Q. How long do this procedure last?   A. Lips fade faster due to placement in soft tissues. Normally, we do recommend a yearly touch up. The longevity of your service also depends on what style you choose, for example, if you choose more natural aquarelle effect (more transparent), it will fade faster; if you have chosen the pomade effect, that will last you longer then a year.

5. Q. What do I have to do before procedure?   A. First and most important, if you have even in your life, have had a cold sore (herpes virus), you should obtain antiviral script from either your medical doctor or your dentist, and take this medication prior to procedure. A day before you should reduce sodium intake, sleep well and come in a good mood!

6. Q. Is your facility licensed? A. Yes we are licensed by Ohio Board of Health, and inspected by Geauga County Board of Health. Please find proofs of  our accreditation on our website about us tab.  We post all our Credentials to be viewed by public.


  • $ 350 Lip Service (one touch up is included within 2 months)
  • $150 Touch up for lips thereafter

Cleft Palate Lip Recovery Service, price per consultation


Schedule 2 procedures, and receive 10% of both procedures! (Down payment required). Offer is good till December 31st 2018!