Our Happy Customers:

Expect your custom style, your perfect eyeliner, to be with you 24/7, your eyeliner will be just the way you like it.

As the window of our soul, the eyes transmit our feelings and thoughts and many times are the center focus of the face. Permanent Cosmetics can enhance their color and shape, bringing an uplifted look to the droop down corners or disguise small, deep set or bigger, protruding eyes.

At Allegria Studio we take pride in creating unique look for every client! We do design what would look the best for face and the shape of your eyes!  We always draw it first and if you like what you see, we will tattoo your eyeliners. You can always try it on before making a decision! We offer free consultations with eyeliner drawing.


  1. Q.Do I have to stop taking medications and /or vitamins?   A. ABSOLUTELY NO ONE, EXCEPT YOUR MEDICAL DOCTOR CAN TELL YOU TO STOP TAKING YOUR MEDICATIONS, ESPECIALLY BLOOD THINNERS! If you were asked to stop your medications, even vitamins, you should consult your treating doctor and seek medical advice before procedure! There are should not be any problems with bleeding when technique performed correctly! At Allegria Studio, We treat everyone, with any medical conditions, patients going through chemo, medically compromised, people with blood thinning, etc, and we can do it because our technique is absolutely non traumatic.
  2. Q. What should I do before procedure?   A. A day before you should reduce sodium intake, if you wear contacts, please bring your glasses with you, sleep well and come in a good mood!
  3. Q.Is it safe? A. At Allegria Studio the permanent makeup procedure is done with a single-use disposable needles, top of the line permanent makeup tattoo machine, and cosmetic pigments of the highest quality. We work on the junction of the epidermis (top layer of the skin) and dermis (Central layer of the skin). This ensures there is no trauma to the tissue and no bleeding involved. If an allergic reaction due to sensitive skin, might be an issue, we offer a skin test. When performing and eyeliner, we work with your eyes closed at all times, therefore, there is no risk for corneal abrasion.
  4. Q. Does it hurt?  A. A. ABSOLUTELY NOT! Due to proper technique, great knowledge of skin, and use of top of the line topical anesthetics.  A lot of clients express a feeling of the eyes getting itchy while we perform the procedure.
  5. Q.What should I expect after the procedure? A. Your eyes will be little puffy (feels like your have cried), and maybe slightly red.  You should stay makeup free for at least 4 days after, also you can not wear contact lenses for the same amount of time.  We ask you to treat your Permanent Makeup as an open wound until scab is formed.
  6. Q.How long do they last? A. Your permanent eyeliner should last you for few years.  As time goes by, it will slightly fade and might need to be touched up. How soon your want a touch up, we leave it to your discretion.  Remember that all touch ups are highly discounted for our existing clients.
  7. Q. Is your facility licensed? A. Yes we are licensed by Ohio Board of Health, and inspected by Geauga County Board of Health. Please find proofs of  our accreditation on our website about us tab.  We post all our Credentials to be viewed by public.



  • Smoky Eyeliner $350 (one touch up included within 2 months)
  • Designer Eyeliner $350 (one touch up included within 2 months)
  • Just Lower Eyeliner $170
  • Touch up thereafter $ 130


Schedule 2 procedures, and receive 10% of both procedures! (Down payment required). This offer is good until December 31st 2018!