Brazil bronze

Glow bar. Luxury spray tan specialists


price: original or dark color $30
express: $35
anti-aging with hyaluronic acid: $40  

For all skin types. Colors: healthy glow, light, light to medium/medium

Golden looks like you just returned from the beach. Develop time 8-10 hours 

For olive skin tones, suitable for sensitive skin, great for summer months. Medium to dark/dark/extra dark colors.  Looks like you just came back from vacation. Color chocolate brown. Develop time 6-8 hours.

Only 4 hours are required to have a fully developed beautiful tan. Great for all skin types, especially red and red-toned skin.  Light to light-medium to medium. Color bronze brown. Develop time 2-4 hours for light skin, 4-6 hours for medium natural skin. Note: must follow instructions and wash it off as recommended, if kept on longer, will develop darker color!

Same color as original solution infused with Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Hyaluronic Acid, and Resveratrol. Resveratrol works to protect and rejuvenate and blocks UV light, protects against free radicals, stimulates collagen production, and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. Great for dry skin/aging skin/ brides/ vacation

Shade: healthy glow, light to medium. Color-golden bronze. Develop time 8-10 hours.


A day before, exfoliate prior to your tan. Exfoliation will result in better, longer-lasting tan.  Rub your skin lightly, do not over scrub. Do not shave or wax on a day of service do it a day before, do your nail services at least a day before. Any residue from oils, moisturizers, deodorants, and makeup will affect your color and will not adhere as well! Your skin should be just clean! Wear LOOSE dark clothes. No denim.

If it is rainy outside, wear boots, long pants, and a jacket! Any water splashes right after spray tanning will leave undeveloped spots!

Please remove all your jewelry prior to your session! We are not responsible for any precious pieces of jewelry lost or stolen!


You cannot get wet or sweat for 8-10 hours after your airbrush service, or up to 6 hours with our express tan.

The tan may take longer to develop in certain areas, so it is important to leave it on for the full recommended time.  You will see the true color a few hours after your first shower.  Please do not expose your skin to water, sweating, or working out while your tan is developing.  For the duration of your tan, it’s best to use organic soap free of sulfates.  Do not scrub! Moisturizing your skin will extend your tan and make it fade evenly. 

Spray tanning is the greatest invention! A spray tan with a high-quality product is a safe way to look healthy, tan, and gives the illusion of being 10 lbs lighter.  The longevity of your tan depends on how you take care of it. More frequent water exposures will wash it off faster. Your tan should last you anywhere from 6 to 14 days. 

If you are getting a spray tan before an important event, please come in 2-3 days before! Do not plan to spray tan on the day of your event!

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