New Technique is Here, only at Allegria Studio!

Hello friends,

Because we care about our clients and want to do what is best for them, we travel the world in search of best techniques out there. We are very excited to announce that now we provide services in “Flutter” Technique.

What is it and why its better?

Flutter technique is unique form of delivering awesome looking permanent makeup, that will look natural and in minimal to none discomfort! Yeah, you right, permanent makeup, with no pain, at all! I will tell you more, it will last you for a long time. Unlike microblading that fades in a year or so and can possibly leave scars on your skin, or old fashioned tattoo, that leaves you with ugly color thereafter. We also can do color correction. Say your brows turned pink, or blue, we can fix that! Without removing them.

 This is me, right after having all areas worked on, I had it done, so I can show my clients, just how wonderful the results will look!

Call me today, 440-214-0374 and we can try some of the new styles and looks for you!

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